The trust has a Dream to have the clinic functioning on all six days in a week providing a wholesome care to our poor and needy rural brethren by adding further equipment in our physiotherapy

centre, finding a volunteer Radiologist to establish an ultrasound centre and to provide effective ‘at the door step health care service’, for those who cannot commute to the Free Poly Clinic at Village Perch by a Mobile dispensary.


The Dream of the Trust can be fulfilled only with the kind and generous financial assistance towards providing and running the above mentioned facilities and meeting the day to day expenses for the medicines, pay and allowances of the technicians and the administrative staff, maintenance of the buildings, the installed equipment and the vehicles.

All our doctors ,the trustees and the social workers are highly devoted Philanthropists rendering tireless service totally free.

The Donations to the  trust are  exempt from Income Tax under section 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961.
  - Eye camp  
  - Dental check-up  
  - Homeopathic dispensary  
  - Children's camp